Companion Animal Protection Society of Annapolis County, NS


"Never in harm's way again........"


ALL of the cats and kittens taken into care by CAPS have been found outside, lost, strayed, abandoned, often injured and in very poor health.  The only exceptions are those babies born in care.  It is CAPS’ sincere hope that our beautiful and cherished foster cats adopted to their forever homes, will NEVER again find themselves in this situation.

“Outside” cats have an average life span of 2 years.  “In house” cats have a life span of 18 years. In many Nova Scotia municipalities, including Annapolis County and Kings County) allowing family cats to roam at large contravenes local bylaws and may result in fines or impounding of your companion animal or far worse.

 Adopters are strongly urged to always keep cats/kittens safely inside.               

Screened in verandahs and safe enclosed play areas, monitored playtime on lead, outings in a kitty stroller are ways to allow your friend to enjoy fresh air without the many dangers of being on their own in a very inhospitable world.  We would be pleased to discuss more safe options for your new pet.

CAPS requests that all adopters agree in writing, that all cats adopted from our care be kept safely indoors for a period of at least, one full year from their adoption date. We fervently hope that as their parents /caregivers, you will agree to always keep them safely indoors.   

Your new little friends will thank you for many years to come!


How Do I Adopt?

If you're interested in adopting, download and fill-in our adoption form to speed up the process. Applications must be approved prior to any in-person adoption viewings.  Please remember that as our foster homes are on private property, visitation with the animals is by appointment only.

Newly revised versions of the following Adoption Applications have been uploaded to this site. These new versions  reflect CAPS' sincere wish that all cats adopted from our care live as in-house companion animals. Please see above, "Never in harm's way again..."                                                                                                       

For more information please ring 902-825-2277


Adoption application  - to print on your copier, fill out by hand and post, fax or scan to us


The Fill in and Email Adoption Application  (below) may be successfully opened, filled in and sent using INTERNET EXPLORER,which is a familiar program on most computers. Certain programs such as Google Chrome and Firefox have presented difficulties unless you are equiped with certain add-ons.  Please do not hesitate to contact us here at 825-2277/  if you experience any difficulties in submitting this form, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


CAPS Adoption Application/ Foster Parent Application to fill-in and email   

Adoption policies
Importance of responsible pet ownership

 Return the completed adoption application form to CAPS:

Adoption Applications
c/o CAPS
PO Box 363
Middleton, NS
B0S 1P0


Fax to (902) 765 -3210   (attention CAPS)


email to     

Once your application is processed and approved, our adoption coordinator will contact you and arrange for you to visit our animals in their foster home. The process may take up to one week. Remember, we are all volunteers. Thank you for your patience!


     For information on any companion animal in our care, contact:

 (902) 825-2277 (daytime)




  Please remember that CAPS is unable to take surrendered pets. All our animals have come to us via Annapolis County Animal Control. 

If you have lost a may have been picked up by Animal Control in Annapolis County.  To find out if your dog or cat has been found and is waiting for you to claim him, contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

      902-584-3693  (Monday-Friday  8 - 4:30  or leave a message)

If you have lost a pet, check out all the important numbers and info on News-Events page.


 Remember, the  CAPS Adoption Donation is a special donation that you leave with CAPS when you adopt a companion animal from our care. It is NOT A PAYMENT for your new little friend. Your adoption donation helps us continue our work and to care for all the other animals that are presently in foster care and those who will be coming to us in the future.

CAPS requests a minimum donation of $80 to adopt a cat over 6 months of age. 

We request a minimun donation of $100 for a kitten up to 6 months of age.  Don't forget about our wonderful BOGO offer!

 A minimum donation of $125 is reguested to adopt a dog.



Each month we have  "Featured Cats" who is available for adoption. These are kitties who may be shy or who may have a "medical issue" or who may just need an extra bit of loving. Please consider these cats when you're looking for that special someone to adopt.