Companion Animal Protection Society of Annapolis County, NS

CAPS May Dinner and Silent Auction - 2017

Our May Dinner  and Silent Auction held last weekend at the Lion's Hall in Kingston was the most successful evening ever!  Our guest speakers Cathy Diggins and Java and Doug Teeft and Breagha. A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to all our friends who make the evening such a success. See you all next year!

May17_Dinner_1.JPG May17_Dinner_2.JPG

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WOW!  A Summer Adoption Event, June 10 & 11






* Postage Stamps   * Boxes of 100 disposable gloves  Size sm. and lg. (a good price at Bargain Harleys),     * Canned kitten food, hard kitten food     *** BLEACH ***    * clean, empty pill bottles for gathering "samples"   *  packages of round make-up pads   * Litter, clumping and non   * wood pellets for litter AND MORE  BLEACH!!!   *  Kitten/Puppy Training Pads  *   Pine Sol LAVENDER cleaner* gift cards for Home Hardware and Canadian Tire and Walmart.   Thank You!!!!







       Year at a Glance                          

    **Please note that the following are tentative dates and times of events. Any changes will be posted in a timely fashion. Thank you!**       


The regular monthly Board Meetings for Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) are held  on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM. Meetings are held at the Margaretsville Baptist Church Vestry, # 2794   Rt. 362 Margaretsville.  All CAPS members and friends are cordially invited to attend.


2017 AGM   Introducing your 2017-18 CAPS Board of Directors

Front row L to R  Lori Smith, Stefanie Burns, Suzi Miller

Back row L to R  Anna Clark,Dave Atkinson, Janice Desfosses, Brenda Berube, Linda Patterson

Paws for Thought  June Newsletter will have all reports and information from our 2017 AGM for you to see.