Please note, as per the Municipality of the County of Annapolis A1 Dog Bylaw and A4 Cat Bylaw all animals are held in the pound for a minimum of 72 hours.  After 72 hours the animal becomes the property of the Municipality of the County of Annapolis and may be given away, sold or destroyed and, if sold, the proceeds shall belong to the Municipality.

All CAPS foster animals  presently in CAPS’ care,  came to us from the Municipality of the County of Annapolis ONLY.  CAPS  does not take surrenders.  Once animals owned by the Municipality were released into CAPS care, they became the property of Companion Animal Protection Society ABSOLUTELY.  Previous owners of these animals have no claim on these animals once they became the property of the Municipality of the County of Annapolis and were legally released into CAPS care.  No adult animal in CAPS possession will leave care, under any circumstances whatsoever, without first being altered, health checked and up to date inoculations. Kittens too young to be altered will be sent home with a vet voucher. Follow-up is done to ensure that this animal has been altered as per the signing of the adoption contract.


Applications must be submitted to adopt animals.

Applicants must be 19 years of age or older. By submitting an application to adopt, the applicant agrees to allow us to check the references provided. ALL Companion Animals already in the potential adopters care must be spay/neutered, up to date on their vaccines as advised by their veterinarian, have tested NEGATIVE for feline leukemia and FIV- feline Aids (a Combo test) and have an excellent vet history with their animals. CAPS reserves the right to refuse any application and will contact only those whose applications are approved.

Animals being released into the care of CAPS immediately receive a complete veterinary assessment at the vet hospital. This first checkup for cats includes a combo test for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. All who test negative for these diseases may come into our care.  First vaccines, fecal tests, deworming and flea treatment all come with first vaccinations. CAPS microchips all foster animals. CAPS vaccinates against distemper, calici virus, rhinotracheitis and feline leukemia.   Tiny kittens or expectant and nursing mothers are treated accordingly.

After a 10-14 day quarantine period in their foster home, if all is well health-wise, the animal is spayed or neutered.  Two weeks after surgery, back they go to the vet for the spay or neuter recheck and booster vaccines. At that point the foster animal should be ready to be adopted to their forever home.

CAPS is a “cage-free”, open space concept. Either in private foster homes or at our largest foster home, foster animals are separated in cages only during their quarantine period or in time of illness. This philosophy of animal care demands a high standard of animal management and care. However, the benefits to all our foster animals are well worth all the pains taken. At CAPS they have the pleasure of living freely, sharing friendships and passing time in the company of their own kind.  Their lives are happy, stimulating, full of activity, exercise and peace.

With the introduction of this fostering/adoption program, which sees the Municipal Pound in Annapolis County routinely emptied, CAPS helps save the lives of animals that would otherwise have been euthanized.

The minimum donation requested at the adoption of one of our beautiful animals is $150 for cats over 6 months of age, $200 for kittens 6 months of age and under and $125 for dog adoptions.  These adoption donations allow us to care for the many other pets that come into our care on a regular basis.

It is the desire of the Society that cats or kittens adopted from our foster homes live their lives happily and safely as indoor companions. Adopters are asked to agree to this request on the adoption contract.   For more information about adoption of the beautiful companion animals in CAPS’ care visit our Adoption page.