Adoption / Foster Parent Application

    Adopting a family pet is a big decision. It is an obligation to care and provide for that animal for the rest of its natural life. The Companion Animal Protection Society endeavors to ensure that our adoptable animals will go to loving homes that are suited to them. If you are interested in giving a homeless animal a chance for a better life we would invite you to complete and submit the application form provided below. There will be a waiting period of about 5 days while your application is reviewed and your references are checked. Subsequently, a society member will contact you to discuss an animal which might be best suited to your household and arrange an appointment to meet our adoptable animals in their foster home.

    The Society requests that adoptive parents make a minimum donation of $200 for kittens 6 months of age and younger / $150 for each cat seven months of age and older / $250 for each dog adopted.
    These monies will assist with covering the costs of veterinary care during the time that the animal has been in foster care with the Society.

    CAPS requires that all animals presently owned (or living in your household) be up to date on their annual vaccinations, spay/neutered, have tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV-feline AIDS (a Combo Test) AND have been to their Veterinarian for a health exam in the past 12 months. CAPS seeks an excellent vet history on all household pets PAST and PRESENT. Please remember that all CAPS cats are intended as INDOOR CATS only. In approving applications, preference will be given to applicants from INDOOR CAT homes. The lifelong safety of our cats and kittens is of paramount importance.

    Need help deciding if now is the right time for you to adopt a pet? Please read "The Importance of Responsible Pet Ownership."

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    All of the cats and kittens taken into care by CAPS have been found outside, lost, strayed, abandoned, often injured and in very poor health. It is CAPS’ sincere hope that our beautiful and cherished foster cats being adopted to forever homes will never again find themselves in this situation.

    “Outside” cats have an average life span of 2 years. “In house” cats have a life span of 18 years. In many Nova Scotia municipalities, allowing family cats to roam at large contravenes local bylaws and may result in fines or impounding of your companion animal, or far worse.

    Adopters are strongly urged to always keep cats safely inside. Screened in verandahs and safe enclosed play areas, monitored playtime on lead, outings in a kitty stroller are ways to allow your friend to enjoy fresh air without the many dangers of being on their own in a very inhospitable world. We would be pleased to discuss more safe options for your new pet.

    CAPS requires that all adopters agree that cats adopted from our care be kept safely indoors for a period of at least one full year from their adoption date. We fervently hope that as their parents / caregivers, you will agree to always keep them safely indoors.

    Your new little friend will thank you for many years to come!

    Before submitting this application, please advise your veterinarian that permission is given to release information about your pets to CAPS as reference for your application to adopt.