Friends of CAPS

We at Companion Animal Protection Society owe a great debt of gratitude to all our valued supporters, veterinarians,  foster parents, volunteers and friends who have supported our work and cared so deeply for all our foster animals over the past many years.
Thanks goes to all of you who who visited our open houses, supported and faithfully attended all our fundraisers, and made donations of all kinds, financial and otherwise, so that our foster animals never went wanting for anything.  What would we have done without your kindness, generosity and moral support?
As CAPS slowly  draws down our work in the Annapolis Valley, fewer foster cats are in our care.  Many of these  are seniors with on-going medical issues and  are not able to be adopted at this time. 
Thanks to our ever-dedicated friends and volunteers and foster parents who have committed to stay with us until the last CAPS kitty leaves our care.
Your friendship is appreciated beyond measure.