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Thank you so much for visiting our adoption page.

At this moment CAPS does not have any cats or kittens available for adoption.

You are encouraged to visit the websites of other local animal adoption agencies and reputable shelters to find your perfect pet

Please remember to SPAY and NEUTER all your little furry friends.



Thank you for your interest in our beautiful foster cats and kittens.  Please read all of the following information before submitting an application to adopt from CAPS.

All CAPS foster animals are given full health checks, tested for feline leukemia and FIV- feline AIDS (combo tested), vaccinated, neutered/spayed, fecal tested, de-wormed, treated for fleas and ear mites and micro-chipped.  All diagnosed medical issues are addressed and foster animals are healthy before being listed as adoptable. Foster kittens and cats live their lives  in cage-free,  loving, family settings, spoiled by their caregivers and foster parents.   CAPS foster animals are truly loved.


In keeping with the Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association decision that the declawing of cats is ethically unacceptable and banned in Nova Scotia, CAPS will no longer grant approval to adopt to individuals whose intention it is to have their adopted cat declawed.   This new policy is effective January 10, 2018.  



* that all companion animals in your  household are up to date on their annual vaccines, spay/neutered and have been to your vet in the past 12 months for an annual health check.

* that all cats  in your household have been tested and found NEGATIVE for Feline Leukemia and FIV (Feline Aids). This is called a COMBO test.

* If you are presently a pet owner or have had a pet in the past 5 years, please ensure that you have personally contacted your veterinarian(s) to give your permission for them to speak with a CAPS volunteer when called for a reference.                                                                        An excellent vet history on ALL your pets, PAST and PRESENT, is of paramount importance.


 Adopters MUST be 19 years of age or older.

ALL REFERENCES WILL BE CONTACTED.  Email references will not be accepted. CAPS needs to personally speak with references.
In processing applications, preference will be given to adopters having their cats as INDOOR CATS ONLY. 

Please review your application carefully before you submit it for consideration.

If information on the application is found to be untrue, your application will be immediately declined.                                                                                         

The decision of the Adoption Application Approval Committee is final.

Visitation at the foster homes can be scheduled only after an application is approved.


All of the cats and kittens taken into care by CAPS have been found outside, lost, strayed, abandoned, often injured and in very poor health. It is CAPS’ sincere hope that our beautiful and cherished foster cats being adopted to their forever homes, will NEVER again find themselves in this situation.

“Outside” cats have an average life span of 2 years. “In house” cats have a life span of 18 years. In many Nova Scotia municipalities, allowing family cats to roam at large contravenes local bylaws and may result in fines or impounding of your companion animal or far worse.

Adopters are strongly urged to always keep cats safely inside. Screened in verandas and safe enclosed play areas, monitored playtime on lead, outings in a kitty stroller are ways to allow your friend to enjoy fresh air without the many dangers of being on their own in a very inhospitable world. We would be pleased to discuss more safe options for your new pet.

CAPS requires that adopters agree in writing on the adopters agreement that all cats adopted from our care be kept safely indoors for a period of at least one full year from their adoption date. We fervently hope that as their parents/caregivers will agree to always keep them safely indoors. Your new little friend will thank you for many years to come! In processing applications, preference will be given to homes that are INDOOR CATS ONLY.

Thank you for your interest in the foster animals of the Companion Animal Protection Society of Annapolis County.

At adoption time, CAPS requests a donation be made to assist in the care of those animals still in our care and those coming into care over the next weeks and months. Adopters are welcome to be as generous as they wish at adoption time.  

Please note that foster homes can accept adoption donations in the form of personal cheque or cash ONLY.  CAPS cannot accept credit or debit card.

Minimum  adoption donation amounts are outlined below:

Kittens  6 months of age and under : $200

Cats 7 months of age and over : $150

Dogs : $250



The foster kitties pictured below are available for adoption. 



If you are interested in any of these beautiful animals, please complete and submit our adoption application form.


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