We are currently accepting donations of the following items:

  • Postage stamps for mailing letters – high need item!
  • Canned kitten food
  • Canned adult cat food
  • Canned tuna for sick kitties to encourage them to eat.
  • TD, Royal Canin Gastro, Hypoallergenic or Dental Diet to maintain dental health of our foster animals (Available at local vet clinics)
  • Cans of A/D and Recovery Diet for sick and recovering animals in care (Available at the local vet clinics)
  • Canned and dry C/D cat food for cats in foster care with bladder health issues (Available at vet clinics)
  • Revolution for flea prevention (Available at local vet clinics)
  • Pill Pockets for administering pills to cats (Available at the local vet)
  • Wood pellets – Eastern Embers – used for cat litter
    • Available at Foodland, Middleton Family Feed and many other fine businesses
  • New or gently used cat carriers
  • Large cat litter pans; with and without covers
  • Bleach
  • Paper towels, disposable rubber gloves (sizes small and medium), recycling (blue) bags and clear garbage bags
  • Rubbing alcohol/saline solution/peroxide
  • Bottles for kittens requiring milk replacement formula and special care
  • And most importantly, the donation of your time. Visit our Volunteer page and learn what a difference you can make!

For pick-up or drop-off information call (902) 825-CAPS (825-2277) or email info@caps-annapolis.org.